Four bedroom - three bathroom Florida villa with games room

My name is Karen and I first visited Orlando early in 2001 for what was supposed to be a one-off holiday of a lifetime with my parents, Sue and Clive. That was before we fell in love with the place, the people and the weather. Since then we have saved and saved so we can come back each year and now, since 2006, I've been lucky enough to have my own little piece of paradise.

Between booking our first holiday and actually travelling, I had an accident which put me in my wheelchair so we were very concerned at how we would manage with the flights, the villas and visiting attractions etc. We needn't have worried. The flight staff have always been marvellous, most Orlando villas are quite wheelchair friendly and the people are just fantastic. We expected help from the Disney employees but what surprised us most of all was everyone else. The American people are the kindest, most generous and friendliest people we have ever met. Having access to every building is something I have not experienced until I came here and being treated as a normal person despite the chair is just great.

We tried to book villas that were specifically designed for wheelchair users but the cost was too prohibitive so, when I bought my villa I decided to do as much as I could for disabled users to make it as comfortable as possible – at no extra charge. We have fitted numerous support rails in the second master suite shower and I am required to say that these are for assistance only and not to take a person's full weight due to the design of the houses. A hand rail has been fitted to the steps to the pool, there is a commode and a bath/shower seat housed in the garage along with the highchair and stroller. Whilst this villa is extremely spacious, I must point out that, like most Orlando villas, the separate toilets in the bathrooms are narrow and not suitable for wheelchair access.

So, whether you are ablebodied or in a chair like me, I hope my villa gives you everything you need for a wonderful holiday in a luxurious but homely environment and somewhere peaceful to relax after a long day shopping or at the parks